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Oil mist, water mist recycling demo video

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To provide you with professional heat pump hot water project
You in Select oil mistpurification recovery equipment?
Market products too much, Where to find more suitable
With the program, I do not knowWhich brand is good,How to choose it?
The same function, the same service, the price is too expensive,There is no more affordableIt?
Buy product, installed after,Service is the key。The warranty period is short, service outlets less, m
Syane engineers to solve the above problems for you
According to your needs,To provide you with the most suitable products

Deep Asia will be in accordance with the program you determine, select the industry's high standards of spare parts, to ensure that every detail is foolproof. We have served a number of large and medium-sized enterprises, well aware of the characteristics of various products, to choose the best, most suitable for your product.

The choice of a number of well-known enterprises

Longhua Foxconn, Zhongshan, letter, Guangzhou Fusang auto parts and many other well-known enterprises have abandoned the imported equipment, and I choose the company's purification equipment.

direct deal,Maximize your interests

Deep Asia can be produced for sale, eliminating intermediate links, the largest Rangli to the customer. At present, the company mainly produces oil mist purification recovery, paint mist recovery, water purification purification recovery, with the current air pollution control of the latest technology, is the world's first.

Perfect service system,A one-stop service, not subcontract not subcontract,
Firmly guarantee the quality of the project

Deep sub-ability to produce a strong supporting capacity, as well as a large number of service outlets, to provide nanny-style after-sales service in the country's major cities have their own installation services team, 24-hour rapid response to provide you with powerful technology Support, and completely solve your worries.


Eight core strengths

  • Brand strengthBrand strength

    Focus on research and development, industry-leading, global, do centuries business

  • Core patentCore patent

    With the core patented technology, far more than the same type of Europe, the United States, Japan products

  • Sales toSales to

    Longhua Foxconn, Zhongshan, the letter, the Yangtze River furniture, Xiang Tong photoelectric

  • R & D strengthR & D strength

    Developed a series of air pollution control for the revolutionary products

  • Client witnessClient witness

    To solve the problems of customers for many years, access to a great customer recognition

  • Quality assuranceQuality assurance

    15-year quality assurance, 2-year all-inclusive

  • sophisticated technologysophisticated technology

    The real energy-saving environmental protection programs, professional quality management processes

  • Service guaranteeService guarantee

    Timely, accurate and thoughtful to provide all the after-sales service, the whole worry

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Deep Asia to environmental protection - Global leader brand
ShenZhen Syane Environmental TEchnology Co,.LtdShenZhen Syane Environmental TEchnology Co,.Ltd

Production and sales of high-tech enterprises, mainly to provide industrial oil mist cleaner, machine oil mist collector, CNC oil mist collector, oil mist collector, oil mist collector, oil mist collector, Oil mist purifier, oil mist separator, paint mist recovery device. The company has made breakthrough progress in the fields of spraying waste gas treatment, industrial oil mi.[detailed]

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  • Close service let me no worries
    Close service let me no worries

    So long time cooperation, the fact that I had the choice is right. Deep sub service can let me rest assured bold no menace from the rear to do business, there is such a strong focus on careful team, e.

  • After sales service is guaranteed
    After sales service is guaranteed

    Deep sub - service of the service, whether it is pre sales or sale to give me a kind of feeling for our consumers to consider. And delivery is very rapid, there is a dedicated customer service to trac.

  • Pre-sale is very enthusiastic, very intimate after-sales
    Pre-sale is very enthusiastic, very inti.

    The service of deep sub - can really do not have to say, always adhere to the "customer interests first" in the first to solve the problem in the analysis of the principle of the problem

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